Fashion week New York - Sep 14 2010

Natural beauties of New York Fashion Week – Day 2 : Rain ! So what ?

Rain can destroy your photography if you practice photography as « street style » and fashion weeks photography. But if you see photography as an art, you widen your vision of natural beauty of life. Siddenly you understand that is just another situations to explore.

In the next article, I will post pictures of my 3 first day. I will show you what makes me keep going despite the more and more numerous photographers that don’t hesitate to screw your pictures in order to take theirs. They don’t understand that Fashion weeks are just « fashion weeks » !!!

Life is far more beautiful. And that’s why I will always prefere life that I won’t hesitate to leave the fashion week to let my feeling (call it God if you want) lead me. And when I let my feeling lead me in the street of New York…

I think that God, if exists, always recognize his children. When I see all the street style photographers running after a woman, I feel that I should take my distances from them. I don’t want to behave like a robot or an animal. Why ? Because we take a picture of a human being that deserve respect. And when you give respect, your models feel it.

Raindrops and mist all over your lense, so what ? The relationship you create will save your pictures. Your readers don’t care about high heels, they care about learning what make a great life. They care about learning how to feel self confident, about what is the secret of natural beauty.

Don’t care about losing readers that want more high heels and it bags. Care only about not loosing your soul. Your true readers will understand your momentary difficulties. They will support you whatever you are going through, because you never betrayled them, because you follow your values, these values that make you unique !

God, if exists, always recognize his children. Trust me on that because under the rain or under the sun, I will still offer your the best of humanist street style…

because life and women worth it ! Don’t you think ?

As I told you in the last article, that my late is due to the very low internet conenction of my hostel. But don’t worry, all the pictures will be posted during all the month. I advice you to visit Style and the City regurlarly this month (and this decade as well ! lol). Furthermore, I work on a laptop whose screen is not so top. If necessary, I will rework on the pictures when I am back in Paris. But right now, I need to sleep. My jet lag is still killing me.

For those I took in picture since my arrival : THANK YOU SO MUCH for what you give me but also to Style and the City’s fans. I can’t wait to meet you again, you and your smiles ! Or laughs ! lol. See you in 8h after my rest. Meanwhile, share as much as you can this article and the blog to your friends that love natural beauty of real women. Copy the link of the blog on your facebook wall !

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  1. Vera dit :

    You are sooo right….. love your pictures!!!!!

  2. Ximena dit :

    Love your idea of beauty/style and life.
    Nice to meet your blog.
    I´ll take some pictures to publish in my blog, of course with your credits.
    Nice work and waiting for the next post!

    Ximena, from Uruguay.

  3. Lela London dit :

    Haha! Absolutely love it. Great shots.


  4. akila dit :

    j’adore votre blog et tt ce ke vous faite je l’ai déja envoyé a tte mé copines pour ke ça ne rate pas jé une soeur ki vit a pris (moi je vis en algérie) je lui é di de fair attention pour ke kamel te photographie alors ne la rate pa c une bell blonde au yeux vert

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