FASHION WEEK - Fashion week Milan - Sep 24 2011

oMilan Fashion Week – Day 3 : it’s all about capturing the « MOMENT ». Isn’t it Anna Dello Russo !

100 new pictures tonight, 100 amazing « Moments » from theis beautiful Milan Fashion week.

My dear readers, my dears friends, my Milan Fashion week is a pure delight, despite the street style photographers problem. Why my day 2 and 3 were more beautiful than ever ? Because I’ve learnt how to improve my work, make this fashion week different and better for me as for you. I wanted to post 100 pictures today but I was so exhausted that I will put them online today. Every day I take 2000 + pictures. Checking them, select them and edite them takes a lot of tim. What I can promise you is a beautiful vision I have about my work, about what to offer you that you won’t find any where else : « MOMENTS ».

Because for me, fashion weeks have never been about stopping women and asking them for their brands but capturing the natural beauty of life and women, on the go ! When you are amoung hundreds of street style photgraphers, greed for some of them, the task is very hard. But I love challenges because women from the fashion week deserve it. Expect today a beautiful article, beautiful moments full of life, emotions… Isn’t it Anna Dello Russo.

I invite you to download our amazing iPhone / Ipad app cause you’ll see pictures thousands pictures that will not be posted on the blog.


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  1. I like your blog. It looks just about every informative. I will share this with my mother.

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