FASHION WEEK - Fashion week Milan - Sep 25 2011

My Milan Fashion week : my « moments » are about offering sweet souvenirs

Dear friends, dear readers, I was so exhausted yesterday night that I slept over my laptop. That’s why I couldn’t post this article sooner. I am deeply sorry if you missed it this morning. Anyway, I took my morning Off and added some pictures to explain you what is my vision of this fashion week : i It’s all about caputring « MOMENTS », it’s all about offfering sweet souvenirs to these persons from fashion that allow all the photographers we are to give to you readers some entertainment.

Lots of photographers don’t like me because I dare to denounce photographers’s bad behaviours, behaviours that make fashion weeks less human. I do my best to keep my values intact because fashion weeks are the only events in fashion that remind us that beyond fashion the most important value remains us, as human beings. Since I quit french female magazine, my goal has never changed : capturing the natural beauty of life, the natural beauty of women… Isn’t it Taylor Tomasi !

I am convinced that our role in this world is to make it better. We can do it in so many different ways. I am not rich, I just have my camera and love for natural beauty of this world. Trying to capture a moment of natural beauty is a way for me to show you that beauty is everywhere. Just open your eyes. Trying to capture the natural beauty of men and women is a way for me to help women to feel self confident.

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When I see photographers taking pictures of women for her style and then ask for brands,

I can’t help to say to myself that they are missing the most beautfiul thing in fashion… humanity.

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You can always capture a « moment », even with a model that has already been taken in pictures thousands time. You can capture a moment because models can feel your honesty and humanist values. And when a model feels that, she gives you her « respect ».

You can create these « moments

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You can practise your art of photography any time you want, anywhere : just try to create beautiful  « MOMENTS »


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The most challenging « moments » I have are with the most taken in pictures people. And among them Anna Dello Russo stand far ahead. Every time she show up, dozens photographers that try to take her outfit in pictures, dozens of photographers that are in front of your lense, moving all the time, screwing lots of your pictures. Among hundreds pictures taken in less than a minute, you must capture « MOMENTS », souvenirs.

Because when you’ll leave this planet, your children will watch what greatness you achieved here. If my greatness could have been to have humanized fashion and help women to feel self confident by caturing their natural beauty, the natural beauty of life, so my sacrifices and values would have been worthy.

More pictures will be posted tomorrow. I thank you so much to all of you, all of those who let me take them in pictures.

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  1. Tam Tam dit :

    My favorite website on street style as always. Hope to catch you on Paris Fashion week in 2 days ^^

  2. Roberto Leone dit :

    Hi Kamel!
    First of all CONGRATULATIONS! Your work is really great and I just love the way you capture people, light, atmosphere. But that’s not all. Today you asked me if you could take a picture of me (standing outside D&G show in Milan, white pants, leaning against the pole…) and I was surprised by your charm and good manners. Bravo! It is quite unusual in that jungle of a world!… I was with Costanza Pascolato and Consuelo Blocker and they told me they indeed know and appreciate your blog/work too. Your professional but not loud way of working is being appreciated in Brazil too, apparently! Bravo again!
    I wish you more and more success and, who knows, our paths might cross again at future fashion events!
    My best regards
    Roberto Leone

  3. Hih Kame!!!
    This blog is beautiful!!!
    I’m Erica of Spaghetti Fashion Blog (
    You stopped me during Milan Fashion week .. i was with a friend of mine and I was walking while you were shooting me … you have been so kind!!!
    You gave me your business card and well .. now I’m here looking you blog!
    Please visit ours and let us know what you think!!!
    You will perfect person to be interviewed by us!!!


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