Fashion week Milan - Oct 8 2011

Album 36 – Milan Fashion week first moments : 77 new picures

After the parisian hard sun and heat, here’s come the grey sky and cold. As a result : I got sick. I think that attending New York, Milan and Paris fashion weeks  in a row  without any rest in 1 entire month, and runing all the time to capture a moments of natural beauty just weaken my health. I thought I was Superman, I guess I am not. LOL.

I just uploaded yesterday night 77 random pictures and 12 stories from my first Milan Fashion week. It’s a little sample among 10 000 pictures I took. I am currently meeting some investors to raise money for my project and especially hire people cause alone, I just can’t handle everything. You have no idea how it is difficult in France to succeed despite your talent. If I work very hard everyday to achieve my dreams, sometimes I am close to let down everything. But God, if exists, advices me to open one of my files and check out my pictures, my « moments ». Suddenly I realize that I have a mission and that someday, people will understand what it is. I just need to be patient. Enjoy your day !


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  1. Varvara dit :

    The pregnant lady is so beautiful and elegant! and white colour suits her..

  2. M. Clifford dit :

    This is my first time visiting your site and I love it! This will definitely become one of my favorites.

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