FASHION WEEK - Fashion week Paris - Mar 1 2012

Paris fashion week Day 1 : make models laugh and your day will brighten

Dear friends, here a tiny sample of my daily 2 000 pictures of my Paris fashion week street style photo coverage. As I am very superstitious, I always try to make my first encounter smile or laugh. Why ?

Because I noticed, that if I succeed to make my first encounter happy, my day will be bright and full of great moments. According to you how was my first encounter this morning ? I don’t know her name unfortunately. Hopefully I will meet her again someday and tell her how her generosity and complicity made her even more gorgeous and brightened my day.

Fashion week stars and cult celebrities were not all there, but just one Ana dell Russo appearance car make your waiting worth. Isn’t it Bryan Boy ?

As fashion weeks attract too many photographers, it become harder to take great natural pictures. That’s why I decided to transform myself into a little mouse in order  to capture candid moments that will reveal women’s natural beauty. It was a pleasure for the to meet angel Kate Hudson Davidson at the same place I first met her since I started Style and the City. She is the same beautiful angle that brighten my evening after Yves Saint Laurent fashion show in march 2008.

Here’s a very tiny sample of my thousands pictures. It’ 6.20 am and I must go to bed to be ready for the first fashion show at 10 am : Balenciaga. I hope you’ll enjoy it. expect amazing moments next week from this Paris fashion week but also from my latest New York fashion week.



  1. Inés dit :

    Wow!Thanks for these beautiful photos.

    Big hugs!

  2. Nina dit :

    Je reste complètement scotchée à la photo avec les 2 personnes aux yeux bridés ! On dirait que c’est extrait d’un film tellement!
    Merci beaucoup de nous montrer tout l’aspect humain justement et pas ce que tout le monde voit, les défilés! On ne parle, montre jamais ces personnes qui s’habillent comme elles le veulent et qui osent défier les regards, merci.

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