FASHION WEEK - Fashion week Paris - mar 18 2012

Album 58 – New 81 pics in the best iPhone iPad fashion app : Paris fashion week sweet memories


Dear readers, fans and friends. I just posted a new album in our very entertaining and addictive iPhone iPad fashion application. 81 great pictures and sweet ladies that will bring you a smile on your face. Download the new album or the app if you idn’y do it yet : it’s FREE !! Type Style and the City in your local iTunes stores. 

Some iTunes direct links to download the best fashion app so far : France, US 

As you can guess it, this album is about Happiness, friendship and as usual, great style with ordinary women.

Don’t ask me how I make these gorgeous stylish women smile or laugh : it’s my secret weapon ! LOL.



  1. ILONA dit :

    Votre style d’écriture ainsi que l’univers naturel, mode, pas prise de tête de votre blog sont un véritable plaisir ! Je repasserai ;)

  2. Kamel Lahmadi dit :

    Merci Ilona

    je vais tacher de te faire plaisir encore et encore


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