FASHION WEEK - Fashion week New York - Juil 30 2012

Album 77 -New York Fashion week pants inspiration

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You loved my New York Fashion Week « beautiful skirts » and « amazing dress » inspiration so much that I told myself : « Let’s keep on giving to my fans more sexy skirts, more gorgeous dresses ! » . But one of you wisely suggested me to put some pants cause as she wanted to buy new pants, she needed me to help her  find inspiration on Style and the City.

As I am a nice and good guy (and handsome according to my mother who want to get me married, lol) I decided to have a look in my New York Fashion Week archives and guess what ? I found hundreds of gorgeous stylish ladies who would be happy to help you to be stylish in pant this summer.

And one talks about Style, you can be sure that the ever stylish and gorgeous Taylor Tomasi is gonna be in the party !

Enjoy this album 77. Download it on your iPad and iPhone to enjoy it 24/7, cause once you’ve downloaded it, WIFI is no more required. And of course, like, share this article wherever you can : facebook, twitter… but not in Pinterest !!

Don’t steal my pictures to put them on Pinterest. Pinterest created a tool that help people to steal pictures all over the web. And it’s no fair for the photographers  and artists. Put your own pictures on Pinterest, but not mine because now I need to find a lawer to sue Pinterest. Thank you for your understanding.


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