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7 – « Touch me ! » – Handsome sexy men from New York

Thank you for LIKING & SHARING these cool guys from New York. (You can even embed this slideshow in your blog)

New York, New York : what a great city ! So many sweet little friends, so many beautiful lovers, so many gorgeous stylish women and… so many handsome men !

That’s why I offer you a DOUBLE musical slideshow (the song restarts a second time with new pictures) !! It’s a lot of work, so I hope you’ll share it as much as possible, especially if you or your friends are featured. For the fans, be careful, in this musical slideshow, you’ll discover very sexy stylish men like Fernando Diniz…

Fernando Diniz, handsome and stylish male model in New York

and Maximiliano Patane,

Maximiliano Patane

With Style and the City, street style will never be the same. Watch it in full screen to enjoy the show even more !

Thank you very much to the sexiest female singer of the 80’s : Samantha Fox (Buy « Touch me » on iTunes)



  1. V. dit :

    Tobias sorensen , l’un des hommes les plus beaux au monde !
    J’adore ton blog :) !! continue :)

  2. Kamel Lahmadi dit :

    et en plus il est super cool

    merci pour le commentaire

    envoie le lien de l’article à tes amis et poste le sur facebook et twitter
    c’est comme cela que vous m’aidez également

    merci et au plaisir de te faire plaisir

  3. Boneho dit :

    Hi !

    I love your website!
    You are an inspiration!

  4. Georgette dit :

    Hey Kamel!!!

    Ou as tu trouvez ces hommes sexy?!

    I hurt my neck sticking out to get closer to my computer screen. Goodness!! These men are hot – comme toi!


  5. Georgette dit :


    OU as tu trouve ces hommes super sexy?

    I hurt my neck by sticking it out towards my computer screen just to look at them!

    Ils sont incroyables…. comme toi!


  6. Riderzona dit :

    Craquant le cuistaud!!

  7. Lupealce dit :

    Ha merci ! Quelle merveille !

  8. Moushka dit :

    Gorgeous men with great style! How I miss New York City and Paris! Most North American-born men just don’t pay that much attention to their appearance outside of the major cities, unless they work in the arts or fashion, or have spent considerable time elsewhere. They don’t want to be thought effeminate. Clean and neat is about as far as it goes, if you’re lucky. My French ex- was a fashion plate, as were many of his buddies. Fashion is in the air in Paris; it’s almost impossible not to be affected by it if you live there. My 33-year-old Canadian son dresses stylishly but he lived in Europe for a year and works in film. Maybe I’m betraying my age, and things are changing among the young, but heterosexual men not dressed by their wives barely do more than coordinate their socks to their pants here, at least once you get out of the financial district in Toronto. Montreal, because of its French roots, is different, of course. Love your blog. Thanks for so many great photographs. You are very talented.

  9. Kamel Lahmadi dit :

    Thank you very much my friends for your messages.
    I am sorry to asnwer lately.

    Moushka, I agree with you and you won’t believe me if I say that I belong to these men who barely coordinate socks and pants.
    But I promise you someday to mach George Clooney’s handsomeness.
    yes, France has a culture about fashion but in New York, i find more stylish men than in Paris.
    And I prooved it to you through my pictures.

    I’ll do my best to please you again with more men in the coming weeks.

    Kindest regards to all of you


  10. Minelle dit :

    The photography is really, really beautiful. Love it!

  11. nassima dit :

    love the photoraphy, nice job kamel

  12. Abigail dit :

    et en plus il est super cool

  13. Victoria dit :

    Difficult choice 😉

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