Fashion week New York - Août 31 2012

Album 81 – New York Fashion Week : skirt one day, skirt every day !

Album 8I « Skirt one day, skirt every day » is available in our amazing iPhone iPad fashion app : just download it and enjoy ! 

New York Fashion Week, sept 2011, New York, its beautiful city, its stylish ladies, its amazing fashion weeks and its … skirts !

Long, short, with colors or plain… New York fashion week is an heaven for a guy like me who loves women and for all  men and women who like to find great style inspiration. Ask gorgeous Dani Stahl or Chantel Valentene !

87 new pictures to enjoy what my eyes see during this Fall New York fashion week. 87 new pictures to enjoy her on Style and the Cuty’s blog but more important and entertaining, to download in our amazing FREE iPhone iPad fashion app. Download it right now on iTunes my friends !! And of course, don’t forgetr to leave ma a (great( comment and (great) rate as well ! See you tomorrow for a new album to dowload.


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  1. shadders dit :

    The grey shirt is beautiful

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