Daily dose of happiness - FASHION WEEK - Fashion week New York - Sep 12 2012

100- My New York Fashion Week filter N°4 : women are angels (Feat gorgeous Zana Roberts)

Our life are the result of our choices. By quiting a well paid job in a french female magazine to follow my heart and vision, I knew that revealing women’s natural beauty and grace through my art of « live » documentary photography will offer me the Happiness I was looking for. Passion always drove my life and my love to women told me how to capture their natural grace. Some women are not simple women for me, they are angels. I attend fashion weeks and yes, I can tell you my friends that angels are female. And these angels don’t walk, they float. Zanna Roberts is among the most beautiful angels of Fashion Week. I took her many times in pictures. Many of her smiles are featured on Style and the City and I never been disapointed : she has grace. This grace that I love to capture for you, for her… It bags, high heels… will never be able to match such natural beauty and charm. Tonight, you’ll see more pictures of Zanna Roberts purchased by photographers after Marc Jacobs fashion show. New York Fashion week will always be magic through Style and the City. Enjoy your day. Michael Kors is calling me… I must go.



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Daily dose of happiness

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