FASHION WEEK - Fashion week Paris - Slideshows - oct 11 2012

9 – Paris Fashion Week : a tiny sample of what to expect


Hi everybody. Thank you very much for liking that much my first 7 musical slideshows from Paris and New York street style and fashion weeks. I couldn’t expect that the one about sexy stylish men from Manhattan would be the most successful. « Love is in the air » was your second most loved slideshow and I understand it better as we all need love. Creating these musical slideshow mixed with story telling is a way for me to feel again the emotions I enjoyed while shooting these gorgeous stylish women and handsome guys that God, if exists, wanted me to encounter. I didn’t forget our little cut friends that we call dogs. LOL. Have you ever seen our little friends in Manhattan ? Many of them are more stylish than many people, believe me, lol again.

These musical slideshows requiert a huge amount of work from me. I must select the hundred pictures among thousands. During fashion weeks, I take +2 000 pictures per day. So I let you guess how enormous is my selecting process after 8 days of fashion week. It takes me days just to select the pictures. Then I have to edit them. Add the fact that every week I must create a new album to download in our innovation iPhone iPad fashion aap + everyday I must create a new Daily Dose of Happiness post with a meaningful story + answer to the photo requests +  think about new article + improving my sens of photography (how to reveal women’s natural beauty in daily life) + as I try to achieve my dream by creating a start up in New York… and you have a good understanding of why I sleep at 4.15 am almost everyday. But I love it. the harder I work, the closest I am to achieve my dreams. And I can’t do it without your support my friends. Like and share this musical slideshow as much as you can. You can even integrate it in your blog.

I must thank very very much those kind « women from fashion » who help me every fashion week from Paris to New York, Milan to humanize fashion and that I featured in this musical slideshow : Miroslava Duma, Elena Perminova, Ulyana Segeenko, Nicole Phelbs, Marina Larroude, Anya Ziourova, Anna Dello Russo, Carlotta Oddi, Tiffany Ts, Gloria Baume, Emmanuelle Alt, Lisa Marie Fernandez, Jenke Ahmed-Tailly, Stephanie Lacava, Natalie Massenet, Siobahn Bounuvier, Natuka Karkashadze, Xenia Solovieva… If you are featured and I forgot to name you, please forgive me. Leave me a comment and I will add your name. For those who don’t see themselves yet on this slideshow or anywhere on Style and the City, don’t worry, you’ll be featured soon. I am alone to do everything. If you want to make it faster, help me to find investors : $ 1 million. You can make it ! And now, may the natural beauty show begin ! And don’t leave the blog without liking and sharing the article !!! Enjoy ! (Watch full screen for an amazing experience !!)

Music : « Ooh La La » from Goldfrap (buy on iTunes)



  1. Manoella Ferraz dit :

    Hello, I am not sure if you remember me but you took a few pictures of me next to the hotel Bristol! I was about 16 years old and you were aiming for « romantic pictures ». I would love to take a look at those (im not sure if you will publish them or if you should send them to me by email) I would really like to see them! Thank you :)) Manoella
    my email is:

  2. Peter dit :

    This slideshow is realy amazing, i think is maybe your better one !

  3. LOLO dit :

    Incredible Slideshow! I want to stay there.

  4. Kamel Lahmadi dit :

    Dear friends

    Thank you very much for liking this new musical slideshow.
    More are coming.
    Stay tuned !

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