FASHION WEEK - Fashion week Paris - Slideshows - oct 17 2012

10 – Paris Fashion Week : first day, first minutes

Wednesday , oct 17 – 3.33 am.

Yes, I am still working at 3.33 am. Why ? I’m in love. I’m in love with Style and the City. Regularly I tell you in my articles that quitting a french female magazine 6 years ago to create Style and the City was the best decision of my life. I quit a € 3000 jobs to follow my passion, my values, my vision about what my life not should, but must be. A life where all my actions are aimed to a single direction : fullfil my life with great emotions through great achievements. And that’s what I want my futur children to learn from me, from Life : listening to their heart, following their passions and achieving their dreams first. Money is just a comodity, it comes and goes. But Life, you just have it once. Fame and money are just the result of hard work. But so many young people want fame and money without working hard enough to have the talent requiered. I don’t want my futur children to act like that. My achievements will be my best legacy to them.

I speak with my heart at 3.36 am cause this slideshow, these pictures with this music are right now brightening my night, making me forget that I am exhausted. You won’t see close shots of bags and accessories, you won’t see stars neither, no. You will just see LIFE as I love to see it, real, natural. Naturally stylish and beautiful women and men, aware or not that I am taking them in pictures. My pictures are not taken to fit fashion magazines needs, I know that and I am fine with that cause life’s natural beauty will always be more rewarding in my eyes to take in picture than an it bag.

Thank very much to all of you, to all of these people who let me take them in pictures and understand and embrace Style and the City’s vision on humanizing fashion. They are generous and clever. Fashion is nothing without life. fashion is beautiful because real people, real life make it beautiful. I will never take pictures in a studio with help of assistants and photoshop. Life deserves to be respected as it is. It’s everybody’s mission to make this life amazing. Let’s work on making our society a better place, let’s work hard on achieving our dreams and helping others to achieve their own dreams,  and fashion will stay beautiful.

PS 1 : you can integrate the slideshow on your blog !!! Click the « embed » icon to get the code !!

PS 2 : it’s a double slideshow. There is 145 pictures. The music restarts, so don’t stop the slideshow. And watch it FULLSCREEN !!

(Music : « Everybody’s changing » by Keane – Buy this beautiful song on iTunes)



  1. Abdel dit :

    Some great shot’s and close up’s you have. As always you capture great expressions.

  2. Peter dit :

    Merci pour ce magnifique slide show, j’adore la musique. Comme il se dit beaucoup sur la blogosphère en ce moment, je crois que le show à désormais lieux dans le rue avant le show lui même à proprement dit !

  3. Oana Cilibiu dit :

    Thanks Kamel, I was pleased to meet you! I send you a kiss and see you soon in a few months for fashion week!


  4. Nastya dit :

    Great pics, but watching too fast with slideshow…

  5. Kamel Lahmadi dit :

    Thank you very much for liking this slideshow

    Nastya, check it carefully !!!!
    You can see picture by picture !!!
    do your home work and check before writing.
    We work hard to create great content, please, work a little bit to see how it work.



  6. Razzzar dit :

    It’s beautiful! Great job!


  7. Mat' dit :

    On aurait pu se croiser j’étais invité :)

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