FASHION WEEK - Fashion week Milan - Oct 27 2012

Album 90 : Milan fashion week . It’s a back story !

New album (N°90) to download in our very entertaining iPhone iPad fashion app on itunes / Milan fashion week memories.

Milan fashion week, its beautiful ladies, its great styles, her beautiful backs. What else ! LOL. Like every friday, I posted a new album from my Fashion weeks and street style archives. As I havent’ posted enough pictures from Milan Fashion week, I think that it would be fair to post these great moments once again. What would be the topic this time ? Did you guess ?

Backs ! Women’s backs especially. Sorry guys, but women have sexy backs that we can’t mach. Sorry. And as you can notice it, even their back is stylish. What men do offer to match that ? Not much isn’t it !

And the way they swing their hips ! Men, sorry, but you are in trouble here. LOL. I love to watch women walking; there’s something glamour, erotic. The way they move reminds me the movements of the waves in an ocean. They just rock you and you enjoy that. As I do. Enjoy these moments my friends, enjoy the sun of Milan cause from Paris to New York, I know that sun is rather shy these days. Enjoy, like and share and I will reward you with more street style and fashion week memories. Have a great week end and don’t forget to share happiness all around you.


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