FASHION WEEK - Fashion week New York - Nov 5 2012

Albumm 55 – New York Fashion Week : cover yourself with style like Natasha Goldenberg

New York Fashion Week – feb 2012

It’s winter. It’s cold today. When I started doing street style photography I was used to think that winter would be a hard season to do street style photography. Because if women are too much covered, I wouldn’t be able to see their shirt and what’s under the coat. Limitating the possibilities of style. And I was damned wrong. Because I realized that STYLE is the art of combining the right stuff, no matter the quantity of stuff. Like GLoria Baume few days before, Natasha Goldenberg was there this morning to proove it to me once again. Now I love strawberries even more ! LOL.

Winter is a very good period for humanist street style photography because behaviors are not the same than in summer. It creates great moment of complicity as cold is hurting everybody and make people feel closer : we have a thing to share I guess. Some girls are particularly adorable when they want to escape from cold. Mary Kate Steinmiller is one of them as you can see it…

How can I talk about New York fashion week and great style without mentioning the fabulous June Ambrose. She is a daily inspiration for her +400 000 twitter followers and deserve our compliments. And what a smile ! If you want to have the biggest burst of laugh of your day, pray to encounter June Ambrose. June is so fantastic that I featured her many time on Style and the City. Remember her gorgeous pink skirt, her amazing pink suit and hat, her unique black dress, her translucent leopard skirt… Click these link and enjoy more June Ambrose.

Thank you very much to these stylish ladies that always offer me their complicity, thank you Natasha Goldenberg, Mary Kate Steinmiller, June Ambrose and so many others…

Thank you very much for your visit, share Style and the City with your friends and don’t forget to achieve your dreams my friends !

PS to my US friends : don’t forget to VOTE (for Obama) and don’t let Mitt Romey ruin your country and as a consequence our world !



  1. Kübra dit :

    I wanted to say that I thought your blog was gorgeous, but it’s so awesomely more beautiful when it is fashion week themed.

    • Kamel Lahmadi dit :

      Kubra :

      Thank you very much for your compliment.
      I’ll do my best to please you again and again.

      Enjoy the + 750 articles and + 50 000 pictures !
      And of course, share them with your friends.

      Kindest regards.


  2. Berty Morales dit :

    Everyone looked amazing and some of these looks are very inspirational!

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