FASHION WEEK - Fashion week New York - nov 15 2012

Album 56 – New York fashion week and Rachel Roy’s magic smile !

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Hi everybody. I am happy to post again some memories from one of my previous winter new York fashion week. From 2009 until sept 2012, I’ve been in New York 8 times. And gues what ? I love New York, its ambiance, its people so much compared to paris that I don’t feel parisian any more but New Yorker.

I feel the same values with New Yorkers : positivity, geneoristy, believe in yourself and life will smile to you.

New York fashion week is always magic for me. Women from fashion are just suns that brighten your day when you are kind with them. I’ve never met rachel Roy before that moment when I shot her : what a great women, what a beautiful smile ! Many months later, I discover who she was and I was even more happy and delighted to have met her. She is a talented designer (with a gorgeous little daughter) who works hard to achieve her own dreams. i wish her the happiness she deserves.

No need to be a « woman from the fashion industry » to be cool. I can’t emphasize enough that if Paris is still seen as the center of the world of fashion, let me tell you that it is not that true. What is great in New York is the variety of styles whereas in Paris, when a style is trendy, all young girls look the same. Not in New York. And of course, smile is always the first thing that women offer you when you take them in Pictures. Not like in Paris most of the time. My dream : that we believe in others’s good will instead of a threat. A smile is the best way to make us feel good and to appreciate to live in a society.

But when I watch the news, I mots of the time sad. That’s why I always appreciate documentaries about wild cultures, civilisation, where you can see peasant being happy with almots nothing. Listen to them and you’ll discover more wisdom than in any of our politicians. But let not us be desperate. Let’s work on making our futur more human. Count on me my friends ! And thank you very much once again to all these sweet ladies that alowed me to capture their kindness.


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