FASHION WEEK - Fashion week New York - Nov 19 2012

Album 92 : Windy New York fashion week

Album 92/84 pictures to download in our amazing iPhone iPad fashion app

I missed you my friends. I work so hard to achieve my dreams that I sleep at 6 am almost everyday. I am exhausted but hopefull cause hope is all what I have. To sum up what I do : I am preparing a new tee shirt collection, I work on my new iPhone iPad app, meaning creating the new mock up, writing all the explanations for the technnicians that will build it, writting the deck for investors, finding the right investors, keep being informed about what’s happening in the digital and investor world… Not to talk about find new topic and pictures every day for my Daily Dose of Happiness posts and you’ll understand that I was quite exhausted last week.

But I am back. More happy than ever cause we are the only one who switch on the light of our lifes. Nobody will help you until you are worth being helped.

Yesterday I released a new album/14 stories/84 pictures on on amazing iPhone iPad app. (more album here) It is called « Wind and photographers » and takes place during New York fashion week. The pictures were taken en february 2011 and never published before cause I didn’t find time (remember : I am alone to do everything).

Winter is a beautiful season to discover great style. But it’s also a great season to take different kind of picture. Wind is my friend cause it brings glamour to women. Some of them look like more angels than human. « Angel » is my filter when I take a picture of Zanna Roberts. Remember this past Dose of Happiness. Browse Style and the City’s pages and you’ll find even more pictures of Zanna.

Marigay McKee is not only a gorgeous and stylish woman, she is also one of the first woman from fashion I took in picture when I started Style and the City 5 years ago. She was wearing a long beautiful long white coat and offered me a magical smile. We laught together and I told to myself : are women working in fashion so cool ? Than’s to her natural kindness, I understood what kind of pictures I must take to humanize fashion : real pictures from real situation. Cause we, as consummers relate more to reality than models in a fake photo shoot. Marigay McKee is more inspiring than any commercial and luxury brands should hire her as a real model and me as a humanist photographer of course. And together, we will humanize fashion and show to fashion brands that we can do different and help women to feel self confident and be realistically stylish. Thank you once again Marigay.

I can hear some of you telling me : « Kamel, fashion week is all about luxury brands and I can’t afford it. » And I will tell you that the right style is the one that make you feel comfortable in your body and in your mind. No need to have the last it bag or must have to be stylish. Style is just the clothe of your personality. have a great life, you’ll be self confident, and that self confidence, will brighten through your attitude, your eye, your smile. That magnetism is what make people desirable. Whool is enought to feel beautiful if it suits your personality. Just check it out !


have a great life, achieve your dreams first !


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