FASHION WEEK - Fashion week New York - Nov 28 2012

Album 94 (from our iPhone iPad fashion app) : How to stay stylish in boots

Have you downloaded the album 94 from our iPhone iPad fashion app on iTunes ? Just get it now : you’ll love it !

It was raining last week in Paris. As usual, lol. Looking for a new street style of fashion week post, it occurs to me that I had many pictures of stylish women that had the talent to make boots rather glamour. So I dove into my New York fashion week archives and gathered some sweet pictures that will show you Manhattan in a very natural way. My goal, as usual : to make you come and visit this great city and cool people.

Compared to Paris, I can try more things with new yorkers. Stylish girls are not only stylish, they are very very cool. They play the game, my game wich is about to reveal not only their styls but how cool and fun they are. Fashion is just the accesory of your personality. Look at righ in her eyes and dare to tell me that she is not cool and gorgeous.

And because New York is the city of models, let me show you how relax they are when they see a photographer. And as you can see, you can be stylish without luxury stuff. Style is teh art of mixing, of matching stuff. Isn’t it ! Enjoy these pictures and sweet encounters. Share these moments with your friends and… see you tomorrow.


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