Fashion week New York - Nov 30 2012

Album 78 from our iPhone iPad fashion app : New York fashion week memories

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Hi dear readers, How are you this morning ? I hope that you had more sleep than me. LOL. I new neighbourg thinks that we all want to listen to his crapy music and feel like being n concert everyday. I haven’t slept a lot these day. But as the end of world is supposed to be soon, I am hopeful that my ears will find peace soon, lol.

But before, let me offer you once again some sweet memories from my New York fashion week and street style balades. What about sharing some friendship and funny moments like only Manhattan and New Yorkers can offer to us ?

What about offering you some candid smiles that will brighten your day ?

What about offering you some great natural pictures that will change you from boring street style static pictures ?

What about enjoying these moments with me and offering them to your friends by sharing them ? Happiness must be shared and that what teachers should teach us. Have a great day my friends !


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