Fashion week New York - Déc 4 2012

Album 93 online : Love is everywhere in Manhattan.

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Hi everybody. This post is special. Special cause it will talk about love. Without Love, life is not worthy I think. I want to fall in love so much that every time I see lovers on the street, I project myself into them and start to feel thrill all over my skin. Love makes people happy, happiness makes them beautiful.

New York, and especially Manhattan is a amazing city for lovers. I can’t stress enough that you’ll inevitably meet love in New York. And you will love even more because of the city, its cool environement, its positive energy, and its great people.

That’s why I gathere some of my enconters during my New York fashion week and street style walks. I hope you’ll like them even if you might have seen some of them already in previous posts. Download our iPhone iPad fashion app cause the user experience is even  more delightful. AND FALL IN LOVE !!


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