FASHION WEEK - Fashion week New York - Déc 8 2012

Album 83 – New york fashion, Virginie Mouzat, Claire Courtin Clarins, Dani Stahl…

Hi everybody. Hope you had a great week. Mine was exciting, working on my new tee shirts collection aimed at spreading wisdom in a very entertainiing way. I hope you’ll like it and more important than liking, that you’ll buy them. It will be great if you could spread wisdom in a very fashion way and help Style and the City to be able to offer you amazing events like I was used to do in Paris fews years ago. Imagine that in New York !

To start your week end, what about a new album of great stylish memories from New York fashion week. Stylish women as usual, chic and classy like Virginie Mouzat. I know she is a great source of inspiration for lots of you. So enjoy the « french » classy style. For me, Virginie Mouzat has the grace of the french actrice, Catherine Deneuve, in her best years, when she was considered as one of the most sexy french actrice.

Of course, you will meet smile gracisously offered by Claire Courtin Clarens and friends. Happinees must be shared isn’t it. Lucky you : 3 smiles in a row !

Few weeks ago I ulpoaded Album 81 and 84 New York fashion week pictures in our amazing iPhone iPad fashion app that I can’t tell you enough to download on iTunes. It’s FREE and every sunday, you can download 84 pictures from Paris, Milan New York fashion week in addition to great street style series. I posted album 81 from  of stylish Dani Stahl, goind to a show. I posted her pictures on facebook as well and… wow ! You loved her very much. Her shoes I guess. And because I like you, guess what ? I will take her in picture again in order to feed you with style inspiration. No, don’t thank me, if I can help… lol.


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