FASHION WEEK - Fashion week New York - Déc 13 2012

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+ 7 000 pictures to download in our very entertaining iPhone iPad fashion app. Paris, Milan and New York fashion week will never look like anywhere else. Street style ? Women are so naturally beautiful when my lense crosses their path. No pose, no photoshop, just LIFE AT ITS BEST. This gorgeous woman, I met her at the end of Cavin Klein fashion show. I don’t know if she saw me taking her in pictures but what I can tell you is that it was a good exercice for mr to capture her body movements in order to show you her grace. It was all about understanding how her body was moving, about understanding the movement of the crowd, of the cars, combined with finding the good angle and the best light, all in a matter of few seconds. Very exciting from a technical and artistic point of you cause the pictures can’t be repeated. It’s a one shot serie. You got it or you screw it. The result worths it so much as your skilles get improve.


I remember that encounter as if it was yesterday. I was walking around at 5th avenue, between 2 shows. Instead of launching, I prefered to enjoy the city. It was a beautiful sunny day, with lots of traffic and beautiful women. Then I saw her walking on the street. I tryed to take some pictures but too many people were blocking my view. Remember : I look more like a Hobit than an Elfe. I asked her if she could just walk on the street so that I will « place » her head between 2 buildings, the sky behind her. I added : « Above all, do as if I wasn’t there. Walk, call, whatever you are used to do. » God if exists love pretty women. And he loves when I take care of them. Because he is the first one to enjoy my pictures eventually. She was so beautiful and her style so sober. May be an angel sent from big daddy !


I love to surprise women because it reveals their true human nature. If they are naturally cool, they will enjoy to play the game, my game. And as you can see by the thousans smiles that live on my blog that it seems that I am a good guy. I grew up among many sisters. That could explain why I respect women so much by always trying to make their smile, cause your smile, my ladies, remains your best outfit. It always makes us fall in love with you.

Have a wonderful day my friends and don’t forget to make this day better than yesterday.


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