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150- New York Fashion Week memories : as glamourous as Marylin Monroe

Hi Dear friends. I hope you enjoyed a great week end with friends and family. Here in Paris it was rainy and cold. Brrrr. My best way to get warmer and enjoy sun again : dive into my summer and fall New York fashion week pictures. I know that not only the sun will warm me but also gorgeous stylish glamourous women who make me fall in love every time I meet them. Being a humanist street style photographer is like being an actor who has to partner with an actress. Ultimately, he fall in love with her. How many love stories started on the stage ! My stage is the street, my movie is the fashion week, my scripts, the ones I write on the go with those who offer me their complicity.

This story takes place during my last New York Fashion week, before Rag and Bone fashion show. Lots of photographers are there to take their street style pictures, asking for brands, and you know, yadi yada. lol. In front of the entrance I suddenly notice this gorgeous stylish young woman that I have already took in pictures few days ago at Diesel Fashion show. As great as today she was quietly dialing on her phone. Perfect ! I would be able to take her naturaly. As I started to take her in picture, another street style photographer comes beside me. Hum. As you know it, I don’t like to take the same pictures as others. I stepp back to include this photographer in my frame in order to add a new story telling layer in my pictures. But it’s not enough for me. Having a great pictures is never enough when you love the art of photography and women like I do. I need to show to my readers how the persons and women I meet are not only stylish but great human beings. Cause, cause… cause it’s like that. POINT. The photographer stops to take his pictures : cool. Time for me to introduce myself to the lady. I thank her for the first pictures I was able to take of her before Diesel fashion show few days ago. Lucky me, she saw her pictures on the blog and thanked me. I’m relief.

The problem with me is that if a beautiful women gives me a compliment, I fall in love even more with her. Artisticaly of course. But Who knows ! Ways of Lords are impenetrable ! LOL. I have few seconds to find a way to thank her for her compliment. As I’ve been doing it for 5 years now, when I enter a new location for the first time, I always check what are the artistic possibilities, what is the landscape, how can I use it to take unique pictures, different from the other photographers. I looked at her and noticed that she has the glamourous curves of Marylin Monroe, the tight dress making her even more sexy. BINGO ! I tell her to walk between the cars. My secret idea : walking between the cars will create a swinging walk, increasing her sex appeal. Then because she had long sleeves, I had to calculate exactly when her arms are just far enough from her body so that light from behind could draw her curves. Yes my dear readers, that’s the kind of thoughts and details that I must focus on if I want to take great pictures that will make me proud to offer.

The shooting lasted less than a minute but it was enough for me cause not only I knew what I wanted to offer her, to get from her and she gave it to me. JUST LIKE THAT ! And that’s the signtaure of great and generous persons.

UPDATE : I met again this gorgeous woman at Paris Fashion week haute couture. She is Noor Mubarak Al-sabah, fashion buyer for Alothman Fashion in Kuweit. I know now where her charm comes from.

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Daily dose of happiness

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