Daily dose of happiness - FASHION WEEK - Fashion week New York - Déc 29 2012

158- New York fashion week : girls who will make you melt.

New York fashion week – sept 9, 2012 – after DKNY fashion show

I love new York, I love fashion weeks, I love New York fashion week above all fashion weeks in the world. WHY ? Lief my friends, life at its best !. there is a special mood in New York. It can rain, it can snow, there’s a sens of happiness that always spreads around. People from fashion never look stressed or tired. Of course, the fact that New York is the first date (no jet lag, no white nights) helps but it is not just that. I can’t explain it and may be it’s good like that. You must go and see by yourself.

I love the city, I love its mood, I love that despite horrible things that only can happen in america, there’s always « hope ». That « HOPE » makes us feel happier, relief and generous towards others. As a photographer I can feel it. New York, its fashion week, its people has the magic to make me melt everytime I visit the city, everytime I attend its fashion week. In order to make you feel what I feel, in order to do what I can to brighten your week end and warm your heart, I won’t showcase high heels and accessories, but smiles, happiness, gorgeous people. LIFE. I hope that you’ll like what you’ll see and someday, I’ll find a way to share my 150 000 other street style and fashion week pictures. Have a wonderful week end and don’t forget to make someone happy. Enjoy and share this article !

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Daily dose of happiness

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