Daily dose of happiness - Fashion week New York - Jan 9 2013

160- New York fashion week memories : smiles are the perfums of our lifes

Hi everybody. I hope that you are as happy as me. I am happy cause I’m gonna launch my new line of Tee shirts that is aimed to share wisdom around us, around you. I’ve been working very hard the past 2 weeks, finding and coaching the 12 best designers among 53 appliances, sleeping at 6 am every day and only for few hours. I am happy because doing things gives me control of my life, of my destiny. We are the only responsible of our lifes. Our lifes are just the consequences of our actions, on our decisions, on how we react to events and opportunities. The way we think shapes our reality. That’s why I adopted the positive thinking since my youngest age .

The more I age, the more I know what my destinity is : spread wisdom and help others to find and follow their calling. Oprah Winfrey does it through her TV shows and network, Will Smith does it by sharing his life lessons, motivational speakers Tony Robbins and Les Brown do it through their seminars, videos and books. I want to do it through fashion. Like Anna Wintour’s philantropic activities, I want to use my little talent to make this world a better place.

Since I created Style and the City 5 years and half ago, I learnt so many things that I want to share. For exemple, my humanist photography teached me that our smiles are the perfums of our lifes, of our societies. Each smile is unique and has its own flavor. Each smile creates a unique memory that will warm our heart everytime we remember it. Smiling to others costs us nothing. Instantely it affects our mood when someone offer us a smile. Suddently our heart beat rises and we feel better, we fell full of love and we want to offer love in return. We suddently feel confident in our futur cause somebody by his or her smile told us « You are someone that I respect and consider. ». It’s amazing in regards of how powerful a smile is, that yet, few people will naturaly smile to you on the street, just for the pleasure to be kind to you and brigthen your day. That’s shouldn’t be that way. And over my dead body, I will not stop to feature smiles in Style and the City rather than close shots of it bags and high heels must have. Working for magazines or making this world a better place : I made my choice cause dear Oprah, I heard my calling. Let’s start this 2013 year by offering smiles to others. Believe me, your life will be better by making others’s lifes better. Tomorrow, a lot more smiles from New York fashion week to enjoy and share. Have wonderful day !



  1. Marcia Clark dit :

    Hi Kamel, Can’t wait to get a Tee shirt! Best of luck! Marcia


    continuez continuez à faire ces photos, elles sont superbes – je ne suis pas une « jeunette » mais je me régale en regardant vos photos, et je me prends à rêver…. J’adore Paris, et New-York et vos instantanés !!!!!! bon courage et merci pour cela

    • Kamel Lahmadi dit :

      Merci beaucoup Michele

      Les valeurs humaines ne sont heureusement pas une question d’âge.
      Il se trouve simplement que dans ce monde de fashion week que je fréquente les femmes ayant les plus jolis styles sont en général jeunes.
      Mais si je n’arrive pas à créer une histoire sur le moment où à ressentir des émotions, quelque soit la jeunesse et le style, je ne prends pas de photos.
      les valeurs sont plus importantes.

      Compte sur moi pour te faire plaisir encore et encore


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Daily dose of happiness

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