Daily dose of happiness - FASHION WEEK - Fashion week Milan - Jan 13 2013

161- Milan Fashion Week : Beauty lies in the eyes beholder

Hi everybody. I hope that my post will find you in a better health than I am. Working in my new tee shirts collection was very exciting but also very exhausting. Finding very great designs at the opposite of the heart create a 12 hours difference time that screwed my biological rythm. I’ve been sleeping 5 hours per day for 10 days, couldn’t eat correctly, and still have headaches. My noise bleeds when I give a blow too much and that’s the case. I am still recovering with vitamin pills. And guess what is my best medecin ? ART ! PEOPLE ! MY PICTURES !!

PHOTOGRAPHY is a beautiful art. LIFE and HUMAN BEINGS are beautiful pieces of art and source of deep emotions. Especially women, children and old persons. If you decide to embrace photography, try to honor it by creating great things that will help people to feel better about humanity, about themselves, about their potential. May this thought be shared by you.

Sept 2011. It’s my first Milan Fashion week. Second day. I don’t remember the which show it was, just that the entrance was crowded with beautiful glamourous women. Whe are in Milan, Italy, remember ! If you don’t understand what it means, just try to watch a italian TV show and light will come, lol. Anyway. Stylish women where all around me, street style photographers were runing after one another to take a picture in the hope to sell it to magazines. Good for me because it had allowed me more space for capturing cool moments of natural beauty. These moments are more precious for me because they last just few seconds : it’s now or never. Taking street style pictures can wait and I promise to style hungries you are that you’ll be fed with hundreds of beautiful stylish humanist street style photographs in the coming days, from Milan fashion week and New York fashion week at well.

She was sitting with her friends. She was beautiful. Naturaly beautiful. Wich angle to choose to take the best picture of her ? I let my sensitivity speak for me. Suggestive pictures are often more glamourous than « obvious and frontal pictures ». I was right : the magic happened. God, if exists, loves art better than stupid and boring street style photography. And he always rewards me when I don’t sacrifice my artistic integrity for a commercial picture.

Have a great day my friends. Tomorrow I will reward your patience with amazing pictures from Milan fashion week.


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Daily dose of happiness

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