Daily dose of happiness - FASHION WEEK - Fashion week Paris - Jan 15 2013

162- 30 seconds, 30 meters into Anna Dello Russo’s fashion week life

Paris Fashion Week : Grand Palais, CHANEL fashion show entrance.

If Lady Gaga was attending a fashion show at Paris Fashion week at the exact same moment than Anna Dello Russo, I am not sure that Lady Gaga would attract more street style photographers than Anna Dello Rousso. Because fashion week is Anna Dello Russo’s territory. She is THE icon of fashion week and a fashion week without Anna Dello Rousso wouldn’t taste the same. Remember how much in demand is she by fans in New York (Rag and bone) !

I don’t know if a book has ever been written about Anna Dello Russo, but according to me, it worth thinking about it. So much memories would come up, so amazing picture would delight us. It’s always amazing to me to see the photographers rushing to her to capture whatever they can from her. The most troubling things for me is when I see photographers examining all her outfit and accessories and take them in picture one by one. I owuld feel like in a laboratory, like a science project. I don’t adhere to that kind of behavior, but however photographers behave, Anna Dello Russo is part of The fashion HISTORY, and as a legend, her trace will stay forever. Thank’s Anna and see you at New York Fashion week in few weeks for new great moments. And may be Anna, you’ll save my life once again like in Paris fashion week !

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Daily dose of happiness

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