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Paris Fashion Week, 03/08/2011

It’s freezzy at Jardins des Tuileries. But Kanye West has a double skin and a gold chain that protects him from the cold. Not to mention his leather pant. As regard the big guy behind him, it’s another protection, but against too pushy fans. Since I started Style and the City in october 2007, I always saw Kanye West attending the event. With a different girl every time, but at least, he was there, lol. Easy to notice him on the skyline : he always wear a white blazer.

Natuka Karkashadze was there as well. Impeccable. I love her style because it’s a style you could weare on an every day basis. Not too fancy, just elegant enough to get noting on the street.

No fashion week without mentioning some of its blond angels. You already know Zana Roberts that I showcased many times here so let’s post a picture of the first angel I ever noticed during fashion week : Kate Hudson Davidson. I featured her many times on Style and the City, alone or with her great friend, Kate Lanphear, and every time, she charmed me with her beautiful blond hair, her natural grace and sweet smile. I remember our very first encounter as I was starting in photography. Kate Hudson Davidson was an angel in the middle of the night ! If you surf inside Style and the City, you’ll even find some funny pictures in my early beginings.


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