FASHION WEEK - Fashion week Milan - Jan 28 2013

Album 101 for iPhone iPad : enjoy my Milan fashion week memories

Album 101 to download in our iPhone iPad fashion app : 87 new pictures from Milan fashion week

Dear friends. I’ve been so busy lately because of the Paris Fashion week haute couture that I wasn’t able to post a new article. As usual, every sunday, at 6, I uplaod a new album of 84 new pictures from my fashion week photo coverage. Yesterday I posted a brand new album about New York fashion week and the week before it was this one, album 101 about Milan fashion week. I can read in your eyes that you already enjoy it.

And that you want to know who is this sexy girl that turns photographers’s head. You’ll discover her pretty face if you click the thumbs. You have no idea dear friends, how girls are sexy in Milan. I urge you to visit the city. Just don’t forget your camera and … your charm.

I like Viviana Vulpicella. Remember Viviana’s beautiful dress or her zebra coat ? I like Sarah Rutson too. She always has a shy sweet smile for you. They are always chic, stylish and sweet. When they don’t see me taking them in picture, I try to capture a moment of grace. Natural beauty is what I stand for and you know it now. Natural beauty is what connect each other and can make woment to relate to each other. New York fashion week is coming and count on me to capture women’s natural grace. Sarah, Viviana, I’ll make myself invisible to you, haha. Clic clac !

Tomorrow, I will post album 102 from New York fashion week and in 2 days, album 103. But don’t forget to download our amazing iPhone iPad fashion app on iTunes !!


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