Daily dose of happiness - FASHION WEEK - Fashion week Paris - Jan 29 2013

170- Paris fashion week : you are supposed to wear that !

Paris fashion week, oct. 1st 2012. Jardins des Tuileries

I don’t remember what show people were going out from, but I do remember this woman who seemingly comes from the futur. If not, can someone tell me who is supposed to wear this ? Cause I want to date the women who would dare to go out like that. Would you wear fashion from futur now ? Let me know. I booked my space ship.


  1. idalina480 dit :

    J’adore votre blog mais je dois vous dire que souvent la mode me deçois. Je crois que la mode est esthétique, qu’elle doit rendre belle/beau qui la porte, mais ce n’est pas ça que je voit en ce moment. Je vois des gens qui s’habillent d’une façon ridicule rien que pour se faire remarquer. Je vois des gens qui s’habillent comme des clochards sous pretexte que c’est ça la mode. Moi, je dis non. Mais le pire c’est que au lieu de leur dire « vous êtes ridicule vêtues ainsi » on voit les photographes qui veulent les prendre en photos, sous prétexte que c’est fashion. I’m sorry but fashion is not being ridiculous. Fashion is something else. It’s good taste, great fabrics, wonderful acessories. When I see people looking like that, I laugh because it’s a joke.

    • Iamother dit :

      @Idalina480 Il y a une différence entre « Fashion » des magasines qui dicte aussi souvent ce qui est bien et ce qui ne l’est pas.
      Fashion is not only about great fabrics. An accessory can be wonderful even if it’s not from a great designer. fashion is about expressing who
      you are from the time you wake up to the time you go back to bed. If you feel like shit today and you only want to wear a regular top and some fucked up shoes, you can do it while staying fashionable.
      If you want to wear baggy jeans when it’s not trendy anymore tat’s your right. because fashion is about more than just great fabrics and wonderful accessories. the fashion you are talking about is fashion for the rich.

      But it is true that some people are going too far sometime. that’s when ou don’t want to be like the rest of the crowd and i like it

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