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172- New York fashion week and lovers : here I come

Sunday feb. 3, 2013 – 3.25 am.

I take my flight to New York in 5 hours. As usual, I can’t sleep when I have a flight to take for the big Apple. I am too excited, or not organized enough to have my stuff packed in due time. It might be both.

I am always excited by the idea to go to New York because the city never disappointed me. Just check out my photo coverages, street style and fashion week, and you’ll have the big picture. Lot of people around the world have a touristic vision of Paris. Once they visit Paris, they realize that it’s not like they dreamt it. There is more love, generosity, safetyness on the street of New York than in the street of Paris. In New York, people always seem happier than in Paris. And feeling that positivity increase my love for New York.

I enjoy to surprise lovers because I love to offer them a sweet memory by sending them their pictures afterwards. It’s my way to thank them and thank Manhattan for the great feeling they offer me every time I visit the city. This journey will be very special for me as I have some business to do in New York (preparing the launch of my new humanist Tee shirt collection) . Cross your fingers for me my friends. And you, lovers, be in love even more than ever  because my lense will catch you one day or another. Think of me and I’ll be there !  See you tomorrow my friends, if I am not too exhausted.

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Daily dose of happiness

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