Daily dose of happiness - FASHION WEEK - Fashion week Paris - Fév 7 2013

174- Smiles are the mirrors of our souls. Isn’t it Tina Leung !

Paris fashion week, feb 2013. After CHANEL show.

So many pictures to edit but just 2 hands and so few time. I am very frustrated my friends when I dig into my archives. So many great memories, so many sweet smiles that I would like to share with you as soon as I captured them.

Like many other street style photographers, I could have stoped the beautiful and stylish Tina Leung to take close shots of her boots, jacket and accessories. But a stylish, cool, beautiful and generous woman always worths more than what she wears. Clothes don’t make women beautiful, women make clothes beautiful.

After Chanel fashion show, street style photographers were runing from a woman to another in order to take as many pictures as possible to sell to magazines and websites. They just forgot the most important thing in photography : love your subject, honor it ! A smile, a generous smile will always be our best outfit because our smiles, reveal our souls. Tina Leung, see you tomorrow at New York fashion week for another sweet smiles or do I hide myself to surprise you ? Thank’s for your complicity every time we meet Tina.

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Daily dose of happiness

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