FASHION WEEK - Street Style New York - Street style Paris - Fév 7 2013

Album 46 : sexy men from Paris and New York are back !

Hi dear friends. More than one year ago, on your huge demand, I uploaded a great album in our innovative Style and the City iPhone iPad fashion app featuring handsome, sexy stylish men from Paris and New York. Natural pictures, Street style at his best. Unfortunately, my blog has been hacked and 30 articles were fraudulously removed for ever. Among them, your beloved article about sexy men.

In order to remember you how great these men were, I upload this album once again. Now ladies, you can’t tell me that I don’t work for you.

And guy, I am sorry if I make you feel jealous. Yet, I will understand you, lol. Especially with our french sexy boys. I hope you’ll enjoy this album more than the first time because now that I know how to « talk » to men, I will enjoy to take them in picture. Be aware and alert your girl friends ! lol.


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