Daily dose of happiness - FASHION WEEK - Fashion week New York - Fév 18 2013

179- New York fashion week : coming soon, « 50 shades of Grace »

New York Fashion week, feb. 13 at Ralph Lauren. BEAUTIFUL and CRAZY.

CRAZY  photographers : my dear readers and friends, by watching this serie of pictures you’ll be amazed how stylish women are now harassed by street style photographers, obliged to stop to be taken in pictures and then to list all the brands of their outfit. Check out how Emmanuelle Alt, Miroslava Duma, Lauren Remington Platt have to struggle to reach the entrance of the Ralph Lauren fashion show. This is not what street style photography is supposed to be for me. A picture is a gift from the photographer to the « model », not something you force the « model » to give you. The problem ? There is more and more photographers and the newcomers behaving like greed paparazzi, hopping to take great pictures to start their carreer. But let me tell you this newcomers : there is no great pictures without love and respect. The love and the respect you show to the person you take in picture. I could behave like you and I know I would take even more breathtaking street style photographs. But I forbid myself to behave like that, to let greed dictate my behaviour. Why ? It’s easy to screw other’s pictures to take yours. But there is no honor in doing it. My wish : that people from fashion don’t stop anymore when harassed by photographers.

BEAUTIFUL moments of Grace : how can a woman be more beautiful than beautiful ? By capturing her natural grace. As photographers were screwing so many of my pictures, I decided to rise my work at a higher level than street style photography. Grace is for me something beyond beauty and style. For me, grace can be found in the way you take the cup of tea and bring it to your lips. Grace can be found in the way you avoid someone or someting as you walk, in the way you order your hair (isn’t it Ece Sukan !), in the way you smile, in the way you breath, in… Grace is different from the objective beauty. Some are blessed and have a beautiful face. It’s God’s will. The good news : you don’t need to have a beautiful face or a gorgeous body to have grace. Grace is in the way you move and interact with others and the world. Grace is someting that links us beyond style. Because even naked, you can have grace. Don’t ask me to take you naked in picture to proove my point, you’ll have to trust me on this one, lol.

Lauren Remingtong Platt has a beautiful face and great body. It’s easy to take in picture her beauty. And as you know me now, I don’t like easy work. That’s why, when I saw her harassed by photographers I instinctively knew that it was an opportunity for me to reveal her natural grace. The way she will interact with the photographers, the way she will move will reveal her grace. I prayed God, if exists, that the harassing photographer will stop soon enough to let me take just one picture. I couldn’t walk back as behind me, a wall. I just had one shot or 2. Otherwise, the picture will be out of focuse. I prayed God and God, seemingly felt in love with Lauren Remington Platt. lol.

Coming soon : « 50 shades of grace » to make you love women even more.


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Daily dose of happiness

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