Daily dose of happiness - FASHION WEEK - Fashion week New York - Fév 20 2013

180- Bye bye New York. See you in Paris Doutzen Kroes, Mira Duma…

Natlalie Joos, Jennifer Tse, Laure Heriard-Dubreuil… and all dear women and men from fashion that always greet me with their kindness, smiles, look ! Let’s not forget our sweet models that run from a show to another show and are so happy to randomly meet their friends they missed and can’t help to warmly hug. I hope my english is fluent enough to make myself understood, lol. But you understand the global idea I think. Fashion weeks are amazing moments in the fashion world. I let the business side to the person in charge. Let me care about the human side of these events.

Years after years, fashion weeks offer great moments of life, emotions that showed me what would be my path as a photographer. The humanist side of life will always be more beautiful to me thant the commercial side. A natural and generous smile from top model Doutzen Kroes will always worths more for me that all her artificial add campains. Because our real feelings are what connect us to each other. And someday, when I will spend one entire day with Doutzen Kroes, you’ll realize through my natural pictures of her, that she is even more gorgeous in real than in an over photoshoped cover of VOGUE, ELLE or any magazine.

Doutzen, if you happen to read me, let me know if this experience appeals to you. Let’s humanize fashion together and move to the next step ! And  Sunnery James, be my guest of course ! Your coolness deserves to be showed.

My flight to Paris is at 10.20 pm. I will miss New York very much. But the good news for you dear readers : depite the huge amount of street style photographers screwing my pictures, I have gorgeous moments and pictures to share with you. And it starts tomorrow. Sunscribe to the newsletetr and I promise you to greatly surprise you. But right now, I have 2 beautiful girls to meet at Starbucks Union square. My last gift : their pictures in high reslotuion. I must go ! See you on friday !

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Daily dose of happiness

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