Daily dose of happiness - FASHION WEEK - Fashion week New York - Mar 2 2013

184- 50 shades of grace : thank you FedEx for delivering me Lisa Marie Fernandez

New York Fashion week– feb 16, 2012. After Calvin Klein.

Dear friends. I must go to hospital for an MRI of my knee. I just hope that I will not have to go through surgery. To help me to have positive thoughts, I want to share with you what I feel with one of the most glamourous woman of fashion week : Lisa Marie Fernandez. I love her very much because each time she gives me her « look », I melt ! LOL. Every time I feel like Kramer, the crazy character in hilarious Seinfeld TV show. I melt like him faced to a woman he fall in love with. My english is not fluent enough yet to write like a poet. I hope that someday I will make you laugh in english as I was use to do it when I was comedian and TV writer. About Lisa Marie : she doesn’t have to do anything special to be gorgeous. A little smile, a look at you and you are in heaven.

For a man who love women like me and the art of great photography, I know that I will always have great photographs of the moment I will share with her. When a woman is beautiful, it’s worthless to show how beautiful she is because it’s obvious and as a photographer you do nothing special that makes you an artist. That’s why I always try to go beyond the obvious when I meet Lisa Marie. Her attitude, her grace, her kindness, how fun she is… all these elements that make a woman glamourous and adorable. Just check out her archives and dare to tell me that I am wrong ! Enjoy my friends and Lisa Marie, see you very soon. In New York.


  1. Ana dit :

    Dear Kamel, I wish you get well soon. Take care xxx

    • Kamel Lahmadi dit :

      Thank you very much Ana.
      I did a MRI today at hospital and fortunately the menisque is safe
      My pain must come from my ligament.
      I will have a thight MRI on monday.
      My fear for a surgery is almost gone.

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Daily dose of happiness

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