Daily dose of happiness - FASHION WEEK - Fashion week Paris - Mar 6 2013

186- At CHANEL, Brad Kroenig’s adorable son, Hudson, loves to tease women

Paris Fashion Week – feb. 2012 – After CHANEL fashion show, at Grand Palais.

I met for the first time male top model Brad Kroenig and his cute son, Hudson 6 months sooner, same event, same location. Street style photographers were busy shooting stylish ladies. As usual I stayed appart from them and because I stayed appart from that circus, I found myself just few meters away from an adorable kid in the arms of his father. The scene of Brad holding in his arms his little kid was so touching and Hudson was so cute, that I couldn’t resist. I gently asked the daddy if I could take them in pictures while they were waiting for a cab. He agreeded. I started to take my pictures . 1, 2 and then the photographers started to surround me. I couldn’t move any more and take pictures from different angles. I had to stop.

6 months later, here I am at the exit of CHANEL fashion show. Street style photographers were chasing stylish women and I was looking for beautiful moments of real life to capture. Will I be able to create a beautiful « postcard » ? It’s harder and harder as street style photographers are more numerous fashion week after fashion week. Luckily it was raining. Meaning that many photographers prefered to stay inside the Grand Palais to not wet their cameras. Fortunately I had a plastic sleeve that was protecting my camera and lense. Unfortunately, my coat was not waterproof. My camera was definitely luckier than me.

Little Hudson, 4, is now 2 years older than the shy boy I met the first time. And I could see that throught his behavior. 2 years ago he was very calm, wondering what he was doing there. 2 years later, he is the master of the domain. LOL. This time, I stayed hidden in order to capture what I feel could be a sweet and funny moment. NO boring street style, just life. And I was damned right ! Someday I will have kids, and I know they will be as fun and cute as Hudson. Ok, I am not as handsome as Brad, but I think I age gracefully like George Clooney, LOL. And if you like babies as much as I do, I invite you to read this former article about babies or the search page about kids.

After few pictures, Brad spoted me and smiled. I stopped taking my pictures and came to him to thank him for the first pictures he allowed me to take 6 months earlier and for that sweet current moment that I wanted as a surprise that time. He remembered me and I was glad that he had a good opinion about my work. RESPECT is a VALUE that is so important for me.

It was raining that day my friends but funny Ece Sukan, gorgeous Marigay McKee and many other « women from fashion » made me forget the bad weather and warm my heart. Have a great day or evening my friends. See you tomorrow for another Daily Dose of Happiness.


  1. Shantori dit :

    Hi Kamel, above where you say the son is « cut » you mean « cute ».

    I always enjoy your blog, the more time you spend in NYC the more you will become a true New Yorker :)

    • Kamel Lahmadi dit :

      Thank you very much Santori for noticing my mistake.
      Yes, I forgot the « e » at « cut ».
      I work hard to establish myself in New York because there is still hope there. Not in Paris and France any more.
      I have more consideration from people in New York than from my own country. It’s just amazing how France is destroying what is most important in a country : its people hope, faith in a better future.

      Kindest regards.

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